Business Development Skills
Many small business fail because the owners lack basic skills to manage their businesses successfully. KLIFT's attempts to address this pitfall by counseling our clients as they apply for loans.

Creation of Employment
The trust has to date given out close to Ksh 100 Million which has created self employment opportunities for over 600 livestock entrepreneurs.

The businesses set up by these entrepreneurs have provided gainful employment many families who now earn their livelihoods from these businesses. This no doubt is contributing to wealth creation and poverty alleviation using livestock resources.

Poverty Alleviation
With the improved animal health care, production has increased with proportionate increase in the income of the farming communities, especially in the rural remote areas where veterinary services might have been inaccessible.
The trust has been vital in financing artificial insemination which has resulted in upgrading of dairy animals to better milk production and thereby increase earnings from the dairy sector.
The many agrovet shops that have been supported through K-LIFT have also substantially contributed to poverty alleviation because all the input the farmer requires for his livestock are easily available through the agrovet outlets.

Farmers’ Training
The trust has organized various farmers training seminars allover the country during which many farmers were trained on animal husbandry. This was in an effort to increase the farmers’ accessibility to technical information about their sector and therefore strengthen their decision making as pertains livestock issues due to the increased awareness.
This also sensitized the farmers to seek professional help when the animals become sick and avoid quacks.