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The sitting chair-person of the Kenya Veterinary Association is a member of the K-Lift Board of Trustees.

The current KVA Chair and representative is Dr. OUKO ELIZABETH OMOLO, A Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Graduate from The University of Nairobi.
- VO II - In charge of Veterinary Clinic Nyahuhuru VO I
- In charge of Veterinary Clinic Nyahururu Deputy
- DVO Nyandarua 
- Senior Veterinary Officer (Deputy DVO Nyandarua) 
- Head of Animal Health Department AHITI Nyahururu
- Deputy DVO Narok
- Senior Veterinary Officer in charge of JKIA and Wilson airport (Animal Holding Station Assistant Director)
- Veterinary Services - officer in charge Points of entry Nairobi Province 

- Training of trainers in gender mobilization - East College Embu 
- Training of Trainers in HIV / AIDS - East College Embu 
- Senior Management Seminar - KIA 
- Training on Avian Flue Surveillance - Machakos - 2007 
- Training in Monitoring and Evaluation - East College Embu 
- Training I on Early detection, prevention and control of Avian Inf1uenza - Emali 2008 
- Member of KVA 
- Project Manager GOK/KV A Vaccination (Disease Control) 2003 to date 
- Chair-person KVA Central Branch 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 and 207 
- Attending KVA Scientific Seminars since Graduation. 
- Life member of Kenya Professional women in Agriculture and Environment 
- National Chair-person KVA April, 2009 to date.
- 20 years experience in Veterinary field matters. 
- 20 years experience in organizing and coordinating disease control activities. 
- 20 years experience in office and personnel management. 

For several years Dr. Ouko served as a member of the Board of Governors of Alliance High School and Alliance Girls High School.
She was also a member of the planning committee for the establishment of a care centre for HIV orphans in Nyahururu.